Is Chayote Lodge a right fit for me?

Is Chayote Lodge a right fit for me?

Costa Rica is one of those destinations everyone wants to see at least one in a life time. And they all are absolutely right, the natural beauty of our country, its 25% of the territory protected in national parks and biological reserves, the 5% of the world’s biodiversity in our ecosystems, along with actives volcanos, secluded beaches and a friendly and welcoming people make of Costa Rica an idyllic destination.

In the heart of a popular Costa Rica, there is a secret little place saved for those looking to find something unique, out of the ordinary, where a travel experience is meant to touch your life.

Welcome to Chayote Lodge!

Chayote Lodge is meant to share the nature and culture of a small piece of Costa Rica, one that has been preserved untouched and authentic. Let us share with you our Lodge, our dream.

Where is Chayote Lodge?

Chayote Lodge is located in a small village of about 400 inhabitants, 25 miles Northwest of the SJO airport in San Jose, on the way to the Arenal Volcano. The location is perfect to start or end a program in Costa Rica. Set on hill top at 5400 feet above sea level and surrounded by coffee fields and cloud forest it boast amazing views to four volcanoes, Costa Rica’s Central Valley and even part of the Pacific Ocean. Its location in the heart of the country is a great getaway point to discover nature and an authentic opportunity to experience Costa Rica in a true way, where visitors blend into our culture and customs.

Who would enjoy a stay in Chayote Lodge?

It is important to start saying Chayote Lodge is not a luxury lodge, at least in the old fashion way of understanding luxury. It is part of the new wave that awakens the awareness to discover, live and experience authentic times while keeping the highest level of comfort. Our 11 Recibidor Suites and our one Forest Suite are uniquely designed and decorated to provide the space for our guests to create their own unique times. If our inspiration to travel is to learn about the country’s culture, history, natural wonders, to see how we locals live and enjoy a cup of coffee in a stranger’s home, to walk into the markets and talk to the people in hands’ language, then Chayote Lodge is right for you. If you want to travel abroad to feel abroad, then Chayote Lodge is right for you. If you appreciate small, boutique lodges and a very personalized service Chayote Lodge is for you. If you favor local over international chains then Chayote Lodge is right for you. If walking into the local bar and taste street food – or at least smell it – then Chayote Lodge is right for you. Chayote Lodge is for people wanting to live a travel experience over a restful time in a traditional five start resort. The luxury of travel is about the times lived and the memories created.

What’s the story behind Chayote Lodge?

Chayote Lodge was built on two pillars: one called Dream and the other Passion. It was a dream of over 15 years– and still – inspired in our culture, people and natural beauty. After traveling over 50 countries worldwide, one appreciates those moments that make a trip special and unique. Answering questions of “what was the best part of that trip”, or “who would I have desired to share this trip with”, are questions we all have made when experiencing unique times away. The idea was to create a unique place, where visitors could truly discover and enjoy Costa Rica, away from tourist signs and the “Ten places you must to see before you die”, where the pride of what we are makes us proud and happy to share it with our visitors. The first thing was to pick a theme, this would make the lodge more authentic and would facilitate the orchestrating of an experience, it was not hard, it only took to look around and see the green of our coffee fields and make coffee the theme of Chayote Lodge.

The richness of the coffee culture allowed the architects to design a very unique place, where locals and foreigners alike agree the result is simply beautiful. Each of our Recibidor Suites resembles a coffee receiving station and the decoration includes coffee sticks hanging from the ceiling, handmade painted furniture, coffee sacks decorating the walls, a coffee table that actually looks like a coffee bean, but not leaving out a luxury mattress and first quality linen. And allof this surrounded by cloud forestand it’s magnificent bird life.

How many nights should I stay at Chayote Lodge?

We all know Costa Rica is a destination to travel around the country, to enjoy from the beach to the volcanoes to the rainforest. Experience different ecosystems is what has made Costa Rica a successful destination. One night in Chayote Lodge can be done at the beginning of a trip to continue, usually, to the Arenal Volcano area, but this would leave out all the activities that can be done in the area. We recommend a minimum of two nights, so at least one full day is free to enjoy the highlights of our region, the optimum would be three or four nights to truly get to flavor this incredible part of the Costa Rica.

What are the activities available from Chayote Lodge?

All our activities are conducted by with our professional naturalist tour guide who speaks English and is also very proud of his country and his people. In this video you will see the natural and cultural wealth of Chayote Country including waterfalls, coffee fields, active volcanoes, cooking lessons in private homes and photo tours in the very picturesque surroundings.

We look forward to having you in Chayote Lodge, surely you will agree we are blessed for living in this small part of Costa Rica